The band Bloody Bill and the Hemophiliacs

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Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs

May 20, 2015 –Curt Wieden:Mike Reilly – The only pictures I have from that era are from the epic Music Lab band Bloody Bill & the Hemophiliacs show in the HHS theater, and they’re blurry because Bill Lee didn’t wear his damned glasses that day. But I’ll post them here in this thread, starting with this one of Bill Johnson and Jeff Meissner.

Curt Wieden: This is me on keys, not sure who’s to the right of me, Jeff M, Dave Schmidt on drums, and Mark Dreckmann on bass. We were probably playing Good Hearted Woman of all things. Mark DreckmannDamn Curt where did you dig this up from?

Curt Wieden: Here’s Marc Micheli and Mario Micheli, probably doing Road House Blues or Riders on the Storm.

Dave Schmidt wearing a Burger King crown.

Jeff Meissner

Curt Wieden: Jim Rude with lots of makeup on. Not sure if we were late to the 70’s glam thing or early to the 80’s hair band thing with the makeup we had on.

Marc Micheli

Curt Wieden: Alan Persick and Marc Micheli. There are rumors of the existence of a video of the show, but nobody will admit to it.