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Milwaukee Snack Food Tins & History

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  Milwaukee Snack Food Industry History & More The listing below follows pretty much the pattern in the next few lines.The information was taken from the Milwaukee City Directories. Some additional annotationmay appear. Directory Listing,Time Period,Company,Address,City,STATE,Comments,Home Phone,WorkPhone,Car,Phone,Fax Phone,Friend,Family,Work,Notes Food Wholesale/retail,1923,Mrs. Margaret H. Drenk,2412 W.State St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,, Potato Chip Manuf,1924,A “Potato ChipManufacturer”,Directory Listing First Appears,,,In Milw. City Directory,,,,,,,, Food Wholesale/retail,1924,Drenk’s,,,,,,,,,,,, Pop Corn,1924,Pop… Read more »