William Joseph Uihlein and Eliza Rahter Descendents

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William Joseph Uihlein andEliza Rahter

I. William Joseph Uihlein – (October 18, 1859-March 31, 1932 FHC 35-33)), son of  Benedikt Josef Ühlein and Katherina Krug. Came to the U.S. in 1882 and became asuperintendent of Schlitz; he retired in 1910. Married Eliza Rahter of Fond du Lac and hadthree children, Martha and Hertha died in infancy, and Ralph A. born in 1897.  FromRalph, two radiant children brought bright sunshine to fulfill the later stages of thegrandparent’s lives.

William Joseph Uihlein

October18, 1859 – March 31, 1932

Eliza Rahter

August 20, 1865 – March 3, 1965

Martha Uihlein

(Died in infancy)

Hertha Uihlein

(Died in infancy)

Ralph A. Uihlein

April 19, 1897 -January 24, 1982

Marion Barber

January 14, 1903 – October 9, 1981

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