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Introductory Letters from Family Members

by Mike Reilly

    The following informationwas submitted by Uihlein family members in an attempt to learn more about their history.


Date:Fri, 4 May 2001 00:52:29 EDT

Subject:Uehlein Family Tree

I’m not sure whom to address this to. I have just stumbled upon a fascinatingfamily tree that appears to have some of my branches in it. I am very excitedbecause my siblings and I know very little of our mothers’ (Uehlein) background.I’m also laughing because I am very fond of beer, not an alcoholic!, and thatwould be a hoot to my siblings if I could show them a good excuse!

I believe the expert is named Mary LouTraffis. I you could get this note to her and ask her to email me I wouldsincerely appreciate it. Thank you.

Mary Lou,
My maternal great grandfather is John “Killian” Uehlein, born @ 1860in Germany. He ended up in far Southern Indiana. He married Ida Connor and theybegat my grandfather, Francis J. “Frank” Uehlien, Clarance Edward,Maurice Killian,
and Mary Louis. My mother’s name is Marguerite Louis Uehlein of Indianapolis. b1920
d 1998. Any help with the background or whom a good contact for me would be veryappreciated. Thank you
John McBride,
Danville, IN email jjjjmc@aol.com

From: “Seyrer, Yann, Dr., Triaton/DE” <Yann.Seyrer@Triaton.com

Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 16:43:38 +0200

Subject: Uihlein

Hello Mr. Reilly,

Where does your German ei-Diphthong comes from?

I am a descendant of the German Uihlein family. My great grandfather wasEdmund Uihlein Edmund had three daughters,one of them was my grandmother Louise (*1899), her eldersisters names were Sophie and Else (*1892). Can you validatethis?

I was told from my grandmother, that Edmund refused to emigrate with hisbrothers because he was timid. My parentsreceived a care parcel from the the Uihlein After world war two. My mother was very upset, because the Americansender mentioned not to adhere tonazism. My mother as a former member of a nazi tore the letter to pieces and enjoyed thefood.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen./Regards

Yann Seyrer

Help!!We are trying to find the missing link. According to the information we have gathered we are related to August Uihlein. My husband’s great grandfather or grandfather was one of the four brothers that came over from Germany. According to family folklore, this young man created a scandal by having a child and marrying the maid. He was then disinherited and took the name Illian. We have been able to substantiate this from someone that grew up in Milwaukee and his father was prominent in politics. My husband’s father was Douglas Frank Illian. We have copies birth certificates of his siblings, Grace Lucille Illian (7/14/1905) and Raymond Henry John Illian ( 4/18/1898 ) but have not located an original for him – Douglas Frank Illian (1/7/07) Their father’s name was John Jacob or Jacob John Illian. His mother’s name either Rosa Giebla or Rosa Gribel. Any information you have on this missing link would be appreciated. Thank you, Jeanie Illian jean@illian.org

Subj:    Distant Relative of Uihlein’s
Date:    01/01/2000 11:53:30 PM Central Standard Time
From:    Mltraffis@aol.com

Wow, how weird – I signed on tonight for 2 reasons 1) to make travel arrangements to go toMilwaukee for work in Jan and thought I would stay over the weekend to do some genealogyon the Uihlein’s/Schlitz and tour the city a bit and 2) to look up a death notice inCleveland. For some reason, when I type in for my search of the death notice, the firstitem found was your Website on Uihlein/Schlitz family. So of course I had to click in.

I am very distantly, distantly related to the Uihlein’s of Schlitz brewery. I descend fromAugust Uehlein, my great grandfather, who was in the brewery business inCleveland, Ohio. Uihlein and Uehlein are derived from ühlein. Ihave information on the Uihlein’s from Germany and the Wisconsin family. I will check outyour web site to see if you have all I have. Also, in my search years ago, for informationon the Uihlein’s, I became good friends with a gentleman in Wertheim, who gave me a lot ofinformation.

I also have an original wall advertisement from 1878 on the Jos. Schlitz Brewery Company 21/2 feet x 2 feet in my possession. It is not for sale.

I look forward to corresponding with you. Also, are you related? If so how. (Editor’sNote – No, I’m not related, just a very interested Schlitz Brewing Co.historian/genealogist.)

Mary Lou Traffis

Regarding the Uihlein family tree – I can take that family back to1688 Johann Phillip Uihlein. Most, if not all other documentation has been destroyed inEurope due to the Napoleon War. So most records such as baptismal and deaths is gonesadly. I am printing out what you have now and will see what I can add. Oh I received mycopy directly from the Uihlein family.

Mary Lou

From:    uline@anv.net  (Mark Uihlein)

As far as I know, my great (great?) grandfather came over the US as oneof three brothers. He stayed in NY and had a wholesale butcher concern on Dean Street(Brooklyn). He served in a NY regiment during the Civil War and was buried in the LutheranCemetery in Queens, NY (Middle Village) sometime around 1870. I was led to believe that hewas related to the Mid-west Uihleins. He died pretty wealthy for the time. I understandthat his estate was about $250,000.00 in 1871 and was divided among 2 or three familymembers. Legend has it that my great grandfather was a bit of a philanderer (wine, womenand gambling) and he lost his share of the inheritance before any of it got put to good(long term good use versus short term good use which he obviously enjoyed).

As an interesting side note, I have also been told that the Uihleinswere named after an area in Germany (sounds like Uland). They were a family of elitehorseman that traveled into battle with a lance. I have seen mention of the Uihleins ashorseman up to the very early introduction of the gattling gun, sometime between theFranco-Prussian War and W.W.I. The unit was moved into infantry. I also think that thereis a tie between the Uihleins and these guys as well.

That is most of what I know. Living in Las Vegas I have found itdifficult to do any meaningful research.

From Mary Lou Traffis –

    I have done much research on the surname (seefirst entry this page) since my family name is Ühlein which is the original name for bothme and the Uihleins. Since America does not have umlauts, they substitute and”i” or and “e” in America.

As far as coming from Uland, no we can go back to Trennfurt to 1688Napoleon War destroyed documents before that time.

Just because name of cities and surnames are a like or sound alike doesnot mean that is where they came from.

As far as the horseman theory, well lets put it this way – If your namewas Smith or ending in Smith would that mean you came from blacksmiths? If your name wasTops, does that mean you came from manufactures of Tops? Not necessarily. The WORDÜhlein, does mean horseman, however the NAME does not mean we are from Horseman!

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