Uehlein Family Missing Links

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Uehlein Family Missing Links

edited by Mike Reilly

Family Connection?

A family story tells of a ‘Rich Aunt from America’  who used tovisit her family in Marktzeuln, Bayern-Oberfrankau, Germany, around 1900. She is supposed to have connections with the Schlitz brewery.  Her name ispossibly Ruppert, or Stocker, or Stettner.

Do you have any information that could relate to her?  This is a bit ifa long shot on a family trail!!!




Mary Lou Traffis, copyright, revised 1-14-2000 :

This branch of the family pronounces Uehlein as Uline. The followinginformation was gathered in two conversations between Mary Lou Traffis and Donna Uehleinof 50 Asbury Lane, Elyria, Ohio 44035 on June 25, 1995 and on January 17, 1997. Also, witha conversation between Mary Lou Traffis and Joseph Uehlein on January 17, 1997. DonnaUehlein is the wife of Leonard Uehlein. Leonard passed away August , 1994. Joseph Uehleinis the son of Julius Uehlein Jr. and resides at 11 Pine Ave, Tacoma Park, MD 20912.said itwas passed down that two brothers came from Germany. One was Julius who stayed in Elyria,Ohio and the other brother went to Milwaukee, Wisc to work for Schlitz Brewing Co. JuliusUehlein married Margaret Scheuler. Julius and Margaret had at least eight children,possibly ten or eleven children. Julius Uehlein died in September 1962. Leonard FrederickUehlein was born about 1890 in Lorain, Ohio. He died in 1963. Bernard Uehlein LawrenceUehlein Ronald Uehlein ??? Margaret Uehlein Cecelia Uehlein Dolly Uehlein who married BertGreulich, and had children Sophina Uehlein married Charles Schoen and then George LudemanAnd possibly 2 other oldest children, Leonard Frederick Uehlein married Marbie Queen. Theyhad five children as follows: Leonard Uehlein of Elyria, Ohio married Donna Meyer and hadthree children. He was a small man about 5’6″ and about 120#. He was very kind andhad a great personality. He was a Boy Scout. He passed away August 1994. His threechildren are as follows:. Neil Uehlein who died in 1993 David Uehlein Gerald UehleinVirginia Uehlein – from CA died of Cancer Julius Uehlein is from Camp Hill, PA. He was 80in 1997. He married Mary Lou. He has at least one son Joseph Uehlein, who resides inTacoma Park, MD. Joseph was 12 years old when his parents divorced. The last time he sawhis father for about an hour when Julius was about 50 years old. Doris Uehlein married Mr.Hamilton David Uehlein is the youngest and possibly the closest to his father. He livesnear Pickwa (Dayton), Ohio. He is married and they own a 150 year old house. His wifecollects antiques. They live on the South side of Union Church Road. Frederick Uehlein andMarbie Queen divorced when their son Julius was 12 years old. Marbie Queen Uehlein thenmarried Mr. Pease and they adopted two more children. Leo Frederick Uehlein was to haveremarried at least two more times. Leo Frederick Uehlein served in WWII building airstripson Atustion Island. After his service ended, he went to New York to work in aShipyard. Frederick Uehlein was an avid fisherman and hunter and left New York for Ft.Townsend, Washington, Pugot Sound. This is where he remarried. In July of 1963, he drovehis trailer and boat to go fishing. While fishing he evidently slipped and fell in thewater. His body was never recovered. There was a Ferry of people who saw him fall in thewater, they called for the coast guard but they never saw him again nor were able torescue him.


Mary Lou Traffis, Copyright, Revised 1-15-2000

The following information came from conversations with Mary LouTraffis starting on January 15, 1997 with Betsy Uehlein and Phyllis Uehlein starting onFebruary 2, 1997. Betsy Uehlein owns a Caviar and Fine Food business under the name of”The Caviar Lady and Son” in Palm Springs, California. Phyllis Uehlein is thewife of Joseph Edward Uehlein of Greeneville, TN. Through discussions with each of them Iwas able to determine that their families were related. were three brothers, one nameunknown, Killian Uehlein and Michael Uehlein that came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin fromGermany. The first brother name unknown was married and had 3 children. Frank Uehlein FloUehlein Mary Margaret Uehlein lived in Milwaukee. The children’s parents were killed in anaccident when Frank was only 8 years old. Frank was then raised a by Uncle Martin and the2 girls were raised by an Aunt Kate. Uncle Martin and Aunt Kate might have been Killian’schildren. Uehlein left Milwaukee to work in the Limes Stone Quarry’s in Southern Indiana.Killian married, wife’s name unknown, and had three children. It was said that thesechildren were cousins to a Mitzi of California who was in movies. Martin Joseph Uehleinmarried and had two children. Male Uehlein child who lived for three days. Edward Uehleinwho married Phyllis. In 1997, Phyllis lives in Greenville, TN. They had four children.Patrick Uehlein Michael Uehlein Kevin Uehlein Dedrie Uehlein Kate Uehlein (Katherine) MaleUehlein child (name unknown) Michael Uehlein stayed in Milwaukee. Michael Uehlein marriedVeronika Wasser. Veronika Wasser’s mother’s maiden name was Baier from Bavaria. They livedon Fond du Lac Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They had at least eight children. AmandaUehlein born and died on January 22, 1887. She is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Milwaukee.Edwardt Uehlein born March 14, 1888 Henry John Uehlein born on December 3, 1889 EmmaUehlein Uehlein married Mary Plachy. They moved to California sometime around the 1940’s.They had three children. Uehlein was born in 1923 in Milwaukee. He married Betsy, alsofrom Milwaukee in 1947. Even though they both came from Milwaukee they met and married inCalifornia. They had one son. George (or Greg) Uehlein who was born in 1948. JoAnneUehlein Uehlein (nickname Mitzi). Dorothy was worked on the Stage. Her stage name was HelenChapman. Her work included Ester William Movies and she was also the World Trade Girl in1940 and one other year. Rose Uehlein Frank Uehlein Paul Uehlein Other Names ofInterest: Plachy, Emil Uehlein’s wife had 5 brothers and sisters – Alois, Julius, __ and _Toni. Betsy Uehlein remembers that there were cousins Mildred and Robert Hurhingson, fromGreat Plains, NY. Also, there was Erwin and Maria Uihlein. Erwin might have been involvedsomewhat with the Schlitz Brewery. It was said that he sent his secretary out toCalifornia and she decided to stay and became an Agent.


Mary Lou Traffis, Copyright, Revised 1-15-2000

Pauline Kopmeier and Mary Lou Traffis are other Uihleinfamilies that Pauline Kopmeier had sent me in 1996. I have added to her information,however, at this time neither of us can fit them into our Ühlein families. Karl Uihlein,born —, died 1938. He married Katherina. They had two children Anna Uihlein , whomarried a man by the name of Rusch Irmgard Uihlein, who married a man by the name ofBoetel Johann Uihlein married (wife’s name unknown). They had five children: Henry Charles,Mary (Byer), Jacob, Caroline (Behnett) and Joseph (wife Minnie). Henry Charles Uihlein wasborn in 1841. He married Mary Kiefer. They had six children. Henry Charles Uihlein died in1896 at age 55. Jacob Uihlein married Elisabeth Roedecker. They had one child who died ininfancy. Elisabeth Uihlein married Charles Miller and they had four children.

  • Florence Miller
  • Harry Miller
  • Charles Miller
  • Frederick Miller

Martha Uihlein married Charles Gerlack and they had two children

  • Charles Gerlack
  • Gladys Gerlack

George Uihlein married Caroline Nickels

Joseph Uihlein married Catherine Roedecker. They had eight children.

  • Joseph Uihlein
  • Mary Uihlein
  • Henry Uihlein
  • Jacob Uihlein
  • Charles Uihlein
  • George Uihlein
  • Mildred Uihlein
  • Elisabeth Uihlein

Charles Uihlein was born in 1877. He married Jessica Tempany who wasborn in 1879. They had seven children.

Henry Charles Uihlein died in 1948 at age 71. Jessica TempanyUihlein died in 1951 at age 72. Uihlein was born in 1900. She married John Willi. They hadthree children. Joan E. Willi born in 1931 and married Mr. Sacino. They had four children.Unknown Willi Unknown Willi Uihlein was born in 1901. She married John Taylor. They hadthree children. Taylor who married Mr. Bandel and had five children Taylor who married andhad six children. Taylor married Mr. Vermillion and had seven children. Jessica Uihleindied in infancy. Henrietta Uihlein died in infancy. Mary Uihlein was born in 1907 and diedin 1914 at age 7 years old. Charles Uihlein was born in 1909. He married Charlotte. Theyhad five children. Henry Charles Uihlein died in 1977, at age 68. Uihlein born in 1930,married Mr. Westuba and had two children Uihlein born in 1932, married Mr. Granau and hadsix children Uihlein born in 1935, married Mr. Ehm and had two children

Uihlein born in 1937 and married Mr. Maher and had five children

  • Frederick Maher who married and had two children
  • Donald Maher who married and had three children
  • Henry Maher
  • Arlene Maher who married Mr. Bernd and had three children
  • Robert Maher Uihlein was born in 1950.

Mildred Uihlein was born in 1910 and married Alexander Grnell.

Mary Uihlein who married Mr. Byer Jacob Uihlein

Caroline Uihlein who married Mr. Behnett Joseph Uihlein who married Minnie

Subj:    Found another old time Uehlein Family
Date:    01/27/2000 7:47:00 PM Central Standard Time
From:    Mltraffis

Looking through my notes, I found records of older Uehlein’s in the towns of Sickershausenand Mainernheim Germany. These towns are east of Wertheim and east of Würzburg. Do thesecities pop up in any of your information?

Anna Maria Uehlein Nov 5, 1723 Mainbernheim, Unterfranken, Bayern
Maria Barbara Marstein Jan 6, 1830
Georg Adam Uehlein
Margaretha Zapf
Georg Friedrich Uehlein
Eva Uehlein May 5, 1725
Eva Margretha Uehlein Feb 28, 1728
Maria Barbara Uehlein Nov 11, 1736
Margaretha Barbara Uehlein Aug 22, 1730
Johann Christen Uehlein Dec 19, 1828 Sickershausen, Unterfranken, Bayern

Added comment from Mary Lou 1/29/00 – I also found out that the Uhleins fromthe cities of Mainbernheim and Sickershausen also came from Trennfurt!!!! 🙂 Mary Lou