By Mary Lou Traffis, Copyright, Revised 1-15-2000

The following information came from conversations with Mary Lou Traffisstarting on January 15, 1997 with Betsy Uehlein and Phillis Uehlein starting on February2, 1997. Betsy Uehlein owns a Caviar and Fine Food business under the name of “TheCaviar Lady and Son” in Palm Springs, California. Phillis Uehlein is the wife ofJoseph Edward Uehlein of Greeneville, TN. Through discussions with each of them I was ableto determine that their families were related.

There were three brothers, one name unknown, Killian Uehlein andMichael Uehlein that came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Germany.

The first brother name unknown was married and had 3 children.

Frank Uehlein
Flo Uehlein
Mary Margaret Uehlein

They lived in Milwaukee. The children’s parents were killed in anaccident when Frank was only 8 years old. Frank was then raised a by Uncle Martin and the2 girls were raised by an Aunt Kate. Uncle Martin and Aunt Kate might have been Killian’schildren.

Killian Uehlein left Milwaukee to work in the Limes Stone Quarry’s inSouthern Indiana. Killian married, wife’s name unknown, and had three children. It wassaid that these children were cousins to a Mitzi of California who was in movies.

Martin Joseph Uehlein married and had two children.
Male Uehlein child who lived for three days.
Joseph Edward Uehlein who married Phillis. In 1997, Phillislives inGreenville,     TN. They had four children.
Patrick Uehlein
Michael Uehlein
Kevin Uehlein
Deirdre Uehlein
Kate Uehlein (Katherine)
Male Uehlein child (name unknown)

Michael Uehlein stayed in Milwaukee. Michael Uehlein married VeronikaWasser. Veronika Wasser’s mother’s maiden name was Baier from Bavaria. They lived on Fonddu Lac Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They had at least eight children.

Amanda Uehlein born and died on January 22,1887. She is buried at Calvary     Cemetery in Milwaukee.
Edwardt Uehlein born March 14, 1888
Henry John Uehlein born on December 3, 1889
Emma Uehlein
Emil Uehlein married Mary Plachy. They moved toCalifornia sometime around     the 1940’s. They had three children.
George Uehlein was born in 1923 in Milwaukee.He married Betsy, also from Milwaukee in 1947. Even though they both came from Milwaukeethey met and married in California. They had one son.
George (or Greg) Uehlein who was born in 1948.
JoAnne Uehlein
Dorothy Uehlein (nickname Mitzi). Dorothy wasworked on the Stage. Her stage name was Helen Chapman. Her work included Ester WilliamMovies and she was also the World Trade Girl in 1940 and one other year.
Rose Uehlein
Frank Uehlein
Paul Uehlein

Other Names of Interest:
Mary Plachy, Emil Uehlein’s wife had 5 brothers and sisters – Alois, Julius, __ and _Toni.

Betsy Uehlein remembers that there were cousins Mildred and RobertHurhingson, from Great Plains, NY. Also, there was Erwin and Maria Uihlein. Erwin mighthave been involved somewhat with the Schlitz Brewery. It was said that he sent hissecretary out to California and she decided to stay and became an Agent.


Greetings! I’m the second Michael, sonof Joseph Edward, mention in this document. I didn’t know this existed. Justa note, the Phyllis you mentioned, my mother, is spelled Phillis and mysister is spelled Deirdre.


Michael J. Uehlein