August Edward Uihlein (son of Henry in Milwaukee) and Wilhelmina Geiler

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August Edward Uihlein and Wilhelmina “Minnie” Geiler

The “New York” Uihleins

II. August E. Uihlein – oldest son of Henry, born in Leavenworth, Kansasbefore his father came to Schlitz and Milwaukee. During his boyhood in Milwaukee, AugustE. appropriated planks from the brewery and built the biggest bobsled in town, capable ofholding 24 persons, and used it to go sliding down the 4th Street hill after a borrowedbrewery horse had hauled it to the top. August E. was sent to Germany to learn aboutbrewing – in part, perhaps, to get him off that bobsled. After coming home to work at thefamily brewery for a while, he went to New York for post-graduate study at SchwartzLaboratories. Another student there was Jake Ruppert, whose family was also in the beerbusiness. The two brewery heirs became friends and when graduation day neared, Jacob askedAugust E. to come work for a while in his family’s business. After a brief career with theRuppert Brewery, August E. got a job as assistant brewmaster at the John Eichler BrewingCo. in the Bronx. He later became brewmaster, then a partner, before selling out about twoyears after Prohibition had ended. His son Henry said, “He had a nose and taste (forbeer) that was fantastic.” Jake Ruppert remained August E.’s friend after he hadmoved to the Eichler Brewery (absorbed by the Rheingold Brewery) and was the best man athis wedding. He married Minnie Geiler, a prominent German and New York brewing family.Whenever these eastern Uihleins wanted tickets to a New York Yankees ball game, theirowners, the Rupperts, saw that they had free tickets. August E.’s career showed that itwas possible to take an Uihlein out of Milwaukee but not the beermaking out of theUihlein. 9-2 Children; Henry, a Schlitz director in 1972, Frederick, and Adele.

His Descendents

August Edward Uihlein

1871 – 1937

Wilhelmina “Minnie” Geiler

1874 – 1970

Henry Uihlein II


Suzanne Mumm

Frederick Edward Uihlein

1897- 1950

Helen McIntyre (d)

Jane Gillert (d)

Evelyn MacIntosh

Adele Uihlein

1899 -1996

Charles Rohe, Jr.

1894 – 1968

Charles Rohe III

1925- 1974


August Rohe

1926 –

Ann Sauders (d) (mother of Children)

Mary Yakowec

1926 – 1972

Caryl Dean

1930 –

August Rohe



Nicholas Rohe


Natalie Rohe


Patricia Rohe


Eugene Fiske

Melissa Fiske


Robert Rohe


Diane Pyrke (d)

Doris Quinlan (d)(mother of children)

Dorothy Riordan

Cheryl Rohe


Robert Rohe


Allen Rohe



Mildred Uihlein, wife of Schlitz Beer Brewing Company heir Henry Uihlein, whotogether spent most of their lives in their Lake Placid New York Heaven HillFarm on Bear Cub Road in the Adirondacks of NY State and were very prominent members of the Lake Placid Club. This photo(missing) showsMrs. Uihlein skating on theclub rink.