Schlitz Brewing Co. – Joseph Schlitz, Will & Testament

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Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co.

The Last Wills & Testaments of Joseph Schlitz

compiled & edited by Mike Reilly1/5/00

    Actually what is listed below isthe executors petition to the Court showing that the wills of Joseph and Anna MariaSchlitz were duly executed and they should be discharged from further duty. On the nextpage you’ll find a report by the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper on Anna Maria Schlitz’s willand its’contents.

    Clearly, nothing is mentionedabout the name of Schlitz Brewing Company not being changed. The Company ownership waspassed on to Anna Maria Schlitz but the day to day operations were administered by theUihlein brothers.

    The original Joseph Schlitz willon microfilm at the Milwaukee County Courthouse is in such poor condition that what youread below is the only recognizable portion. The original will was thought (byCounty records employees) to have been given to the Milwaukee County Historical Society,but a call to the Society by a County employee revealed that it was not there, and its’whereabouts are presently unknown.

Milwaukee County Court in Probate.

In the matter of the Estate of Joseph Schlitz, deceased.

To the County Court of Milwaukee County:

    The petition of August Uihlein and Henry Magdeburg,surviving executors of the last will and testament of Joseph Schlitz, deceased,respectfully shows, that on the 2nd day of October, 1876, the executors of said will filedtheir account and report of their administration, which report was examined, allowed andordered to be recorded by the County Judge on said 2nd day of October, 1876; that at thedate of said report there remained in the hands of said executors the following personalproperty, to-wit: 2,000 shares at $100. each of the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company, andthe proceeds of a certain note and mortgage of Adolph Fuerstenberg, amounting to $10,000.,with the accumulated interest thereon; that by the terms of the will of said deceased, theprofits of said 2,000 shares were to be paid to Anna Maria Schlitz, thewidow of said deceased, during her natural life and widowhood, and after herdeath, were to be divided among the parties named in the fifth paragraph of said,and that by said will the profits of said ten thousand dollar mortgage were to bepaid to Margaretha Hartig during her natural life, and the balance of capital andinterest to her son William Hartig, upon her death.

    And your petitioners further show, that said Anna MariaSchlitz, the widow of said Joseph Schlitz, and the co-executor of your petitioners, diedon the 20th day of January, 1887; that afterwards, and in accordance with the terms of thewill of said Joseph Schlitz, your petitioners transferred, set over and conveyed the 2,000shares hereinbefore mentioned to the parties entitled thereto under said will, to-wit: To AugustUihlein 500 shares, Henry Uihlein 400 shares, Alfred Uihlein 250 shares,Edward Uihlein 250 shares, Clara Schmidt 250 shares, JohnSchlitz 150 shares, Victor Schlitz 100 shares, JosephDentz 50 shares and Charles Schmidt 50 shares, whose receiptsare hereto annexed.

    And your petitioners further show, that they havecollected the amount due from Adolph Fuerstenberg on his note and mortgage herein referredto; that they paid the rents, issues and profits of the same to Margaretha Hartig, andwith her consent have paid the principal and the whole of the balance of said moneys intheir hands to her son William Hartig, as by the receipts hereto annexed will more fullyappear.

    And your petitioners further show, on information andbelief that said Joseph Schlitz died seized of the following real estate, to-wit:

    1#. – Lots thirteen (13) and sixteen (16), and thesouth half of Lot twelve (12), in Block one hundred and ninety (190), in the Second Wardof the City of Milwaukee, in the County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin.

    2#. – Lot thirteen (13), in Block one hundred andseventeen (117), in the Second Ward of said City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    3#. – Lot number sixty (60) in Forbes subdivision ofBlock seventeen (17), in the Canal Trustees’ subdivision of section seven (7), Townshipthirty-nine (39) North, Range fourteen (14) east of the third principal meridian, in theCity of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois.

    4#. – Lot six (6), in subdivision of Lots sixty one(61) to ninety (90), in Bronson’s Addition to Chicago, in Cook County, Illinois.

that by the terms of the will of said Joseph Schlitz, deceased, said realestate was devised, and the title thereto passed to Anna Maria Schlitz, the widow of saiddeceased, in fee; that afterwards, on the 20th day of January, 1887, said Anna MariaSchlitz died, leaving a will, which was admitted to probate in this Court on the first dayof March, 1887; that in and by said will her executor was authorized and empowered to makesale and conveyance of all her real estate; that at the time of her death she was thelawful owner of said real estate, and the whole thereof; that by force and virtue of thesaid will and the power therein and thereby conferred upon him, her executor for avaluable consideration sold and conveyed the several lots and pieces of land herein abovedescribed to August Uihlein, Henry Uihlein, Alfred Uihlein and Edward Uihlein, as by thedeeds ready to be produced will more fully appear, and that said August, Henry, Alfred andEdward Uihlein are now the owners of said real estate, as your petitioners are informedand believe.

    And your petitioners further show, that they have fullyadministered the estate of said Joseph Schlitz, deceased; that his debts, funeral charges,and expenses of administration have been paid; that no personal property belonging to saidestate remains in their hands, and that no minors are interested in said estate.

    Your petitioners therefore pray, that a time and placebe fixed for an examination of their administration; that said real estate be assigned toAugust, Henry, Alfred and Edward Uihlein, the present owners thereof; that said estate tobe declared finally settled, and your petitioners be discharged from their trust.

Dated, Milwaukee, June 11th, 1887.

August Uihlein

Henry Magdeburg


Wallber & Wahl – Attys for executors

    On this (?) day of June, 1887, personally appearedbefore me August Uihlein and Henry Magdeburg, the petitioners named in the foregoingpetition who, being by me duly sworn, did dispose and say, that they had heard read theforgoing petition by them subscribed, and know the contents thereof, and that the same istrue of their own knowledge excepting as to matters therein stated on information andbelief, and as to those matters they believe it to be true.

Geo. F. Kauped (?)

Notary Public

Neil Co. (?)


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